New channel cross-posting features were released on Microsoft Teams. Now you can also edit posts and changes are updated to all selected channels.

Create a Cross Channel Post

When you want to use cross posting, you need open the compose box for your message by clicking Compose-button from left underneath the message box.

You can also use announcements for more important information and control can everyone reply to post.

For adding channels for cross posting, click Post in multiple channels button on top of your post.

Click Select channels to pick channels you want to post your message. You can pick channels from a current team or other teams you have access to or use search to find a certain team or channel.

After clicking Update you see selected channels on To-line.

After posting a message, it will be almost instantly visible on selected channels.

Editing a cross post

Editing a cross posted message can be done normally, just clicking three dots on and selecting Edit. You can do it on any channel the message is posted and changes will be updated to other channels as well.

Make your changes and click Done. Changes will be updated to other channels almost instantly.

Adding and removing channels

You can add more channels or remove channels while editing the post. You can do this also on any channel the message is posted except you can’t remove the channel, which you are currently on.

When you remove a channel from cross posted channels list in the post, post is removed from that specific channel(s). If there is already replies to that post, the original message is removed, but replies remain without original post.

Reposting the message back to channel it was removed, starts a new conversation.

Deleting the Post

When you are deleting the post on any of the linked channels, you will get a confirmation question, should the post be deleted only on active channel or from all linked channels.

If you delete the post only from the active channel (uncheck Delete this message…), the channel list on the multi-channel post will be updated correspondingly.

Where could I use it?

Traditionally HR related guidance have been communicated to managers, who have forwarded the information to individual teams. With cross-posting same information can be shared to all teams at once or adding more channels afterwards, and same information reaches needed people.

Sharing important news to different departments inside of the organization to ensure for reaching all needed people. In this case separate channel for news and enabling moderation should be considered.