Microsoft Teams – a channel for work content

Just over a year ago  I wrote a blog about building an intranet with Microsoft Teams (only in Finnish then). Since then Teams, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 ecosystem have evolved in really daunting pace, so I though to wrap up my thoughts about relationship between intranet and Teams, and also challenge my own thoughts from... Continue Reading →

Teams – yksi kanava työsisällöille

Kirjoitin tasan vuosi sitten blogia otsikolla: "Voisiko Teamsilla rakentaa intranetin?". Vuoden aikana Teams, SharePoint ja Microsoft 365 -ekosysteemi ovat menneet hurjaa vauhtia eteenpäin, ja ajattelin koostaa ajatuksia siitä, mikä on tällä hetkellä intranetin ja Teamsin suhde ja haastaa myös omia vuoden takaisia ajatuksia. Mitä intranet on nykyään? Intranetin rooli perinteisenä tietojen valuttamisena keskitetysti ylhäältä alas... Continue Reading →

Forget the historical – modern SharePoint is good enough

It's autumn again and now a week from Microsoft Ignite. Conference contained lots of information, announcements, demos and most of all lots of technical content, including keynote themes like Azure, Dynamics 365, new Power Platform and Microsoft 365. Over 1300 individual sessions in total. SharePoint was also strongly involved and modern SharePoint sites are still rapidly evolving.... Continue Reading →

Enabling Teams features with PowerShell

There are some Microsoft Teams features which cannot be configured or clearly seen on Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center, so here are some PowerShell scripts to manage and activate Teams features like Enable Message Translation Manage Teams-only mode Manage live event policies Prerequisites Skype for Business Online Connector module is required for... Continue Reading →

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