Govern Orphaned Teams with PowerShell

Every team needs an owner, at least one. Common best practice is that you should have at least two users in owner role. Teams is not allowing the last owner to leave the team, but there might occasions when last owner is removed, example when people are leaving the organization and account gets deleted. For... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Organization Asset Libraries Explained

One of this fall's (2019) improvements on SharePoint Online are organization asset libraries. Asset libraries enable organizations to have a centralized location for hosting and sharing assets to site authors, news creators and end-users. For example authors can easily pick an image from image library provided by the organization and images are available on modern... Continue Reading →

Target Content on Modern SharePoint

One of the most anticipated feature of modern SharePoint is definitely audience targeting. Brand new audience targeting feature is currently rolling out to Office 365 tenants and should be soon available worldwide. On this blog audience targeting refers to new audience targeting feature. Previous audience targeting is referenced on this blog as "classic". What is... Continue Reading →

Swap Your Hub to Tenant Root

Site Swap feature on Office 365 is currently rolling out (August 2019) to tenants. Site Swap allows an admin to replace tenant's root site or default search center site with another, already created site collection located on the tenant. Typically this feature will be used to replace classic tenant root site collection with a modern... Continue Reading →

Uusi työrutiini haltuun Microsoft To-Do:n toistuvilla tehtävillä

Uuden työrutiinin opettelu vie aikaa ja vaatii paljon toistoja. Älykkäät työkalut voivat olla tässä apuna. Halusin keväällä tehostaa omia työaamuja, saada niin sanotusti päivän käyntiin ja päivän tehtävät haltuun. Asetin jo vuoden alusta itselleni tavoitteeksi vähentää sähköpostiin viikottain käytettävän ajan alle tuntiin. No, tavoitehan ei ollut täyttynyt kertaakaan. Olen ollut Microsoft To-do -fani jo pidemmän... Continue Reading →

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