Sharing Office Document Templates from SharePoint

Sharing Office documents centrally from SharePoint Online have been commonly asked feature from the field. There haven't been really a simple way to do it without any tricks - until recently with new organization asset libraries. Setting this up only requires few simple steps, depending on your current configuration. #1 Setup a Library for Templates... Continue Reading →

Ignite ja modernien introjen top 5

Tämän vuoden Ignite-viikko on jo reippaasti takanapäin. Paljon uusia tuotejulkistuksia, parannuksia olemassa oleviin ja päivityksiä tiekartalle. Intranet sai myös paljon parannuksia SharePointin uusien ominaisuuksien muodossa, niin sisällöntuottajalle kuin loppukäyttäjällekin. Kokosin tähän viisi mielestäni tärkeää lähikuukausina saatavilla olevaa uudistusta juuri moderneihin intraneteihin liittyen. Uutisten ajastaminen Ajastettu julkaiseminen on tullut lähes poikkeuksetta vastaan aina kun puhutaan intranetin... Continue Reading →

Easy Polls with Forms Message Extension

Creating polls with Microsoft Forms is not a new feature on Microsoft Teams. It have been possible to utilize Forms bot for creating polls, but using a bot is not so intuitive for end-users - at least I always needed to check, what the actual format was to create a new poll. With Forms message... Continue Reading →

Govern Orphaned Teams with PowerShell

Every team needs an owner, at least one. Common best practice is that you should have at least two users in owner role. Teams is not allowing the last owner to leave the team, but there might occasions when last owner is removed, example when people are leaving the organization and account gets deleted. For... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Organization Asset Libraries Explained

One of this fall's (2019) improvements on SharePoint Online are organization asset libraries. Asset libraries enable organizations to have a centralized location for hosting and sharing assets to site authors, news creators and end-users. For example authors can easily pick an image from image library provided by the organization and images are available on modern... Continue Reading →

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