Reminder flows for SharePoint lists and libraries were published to Targeted Release Office 365 tenants in the beginning of January 2019. Reminder flow is an very simple way to create a reminder based on date column on a list or a library on SharePoint. When date column is added, the Flow menu offers “Set a reminder” selection and display all date columns, which are available on a list view. By default, flow sends email reminder to user who created a reminder.

Set a reminder
Reminder configuration

After configuration new flow is created, let’s see what it actually contains.

Reminder flow is triggered by schedule and it runs by default everyday at 15.00. Flow introduces couple of variables and inputs, and does calculations for reminder dates.

Flow queries items from a configured library and check if any is returned based on filtering of the query.

If items are found, flow builds a table of the results and sends an email to creator of the flow. All of this is configured ready for you with just few clicks.

How about having there reminders on Microsoft Teams rather than my email, is it possible?

 Of course it is, let’s see how.

Teamifying the reminder with few steps

With just a few simple changes, reminder flow can be converted to post reminders on Microsoft Teams channel. You just need to add and configure “Post message” action and remove “Send me a reminder email” action.

On “Post message” action team and channel can be selected and format the actual message.

After that, it’s done. So simple. Let’s add document, set Review Date and see what happens. If you like to test it, you can manually trigger the flow just by clicking “Run now”.

Manually triggering a flow

After successful flow run, message is posted to Teams.


Reminders are a great addition to SharePoint list and library functionality. Of course, you could have built exactly the same functionality with Microsoft Flow before. With reminders it’s just more simpler. Flow is created and configured ready for you and you can just start using it or making your own changes. Usage possibilites are endless.

  • Handling document reviews
  • Reminding due dates of quality management
  • Reminding contract renewal dates
  • Year clock action reminders
  • You name it!

Besides Teams channel or email, Flow enables possibilities for tracking reminders with

  • Planner tasks
  • Using distribution lists
  • Mobile notification
  • Notifying your back-end systems, for example handling quality incidents