Teamify with Adaptive Cards and Microsoft Flow

New Microsoft Flow action for posting Adaptive Cards as a bot on Microsoft Teams channel was released on March 2019. New actions allows you to create a customized Adaptive Card with your content and posting it to selected Microsoft Teams channel. Adaptive Cards - what they are? Adaptive Cards are a simple way to create... Continue Reading →

Modifying Modern Site Header Layout with Code

SharePoint modern site header layout customization options were introduced to Targeted Release Office 365 tenants in the beginning of 2019. With these options you can customized header layout, background and change the site logo. Header customization options. There are two layout options available: Standard and Compact. Standard header Compact header Site logo allows uploading of... Continue Reading →

Turbo-boost Quick Chart Web Parts with Flow

Just recently updated Quick chart web part on SharePoint Online introduced a feature to display data from a list on SharePoint. This adds possibilities and simplifies the usage of the web part. Currently there is two chart types available: column chart and pie chart. Quick chart types Configuration of the web part is simple, you... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Teams – a channel for work content

Just over a year ago  I wrote a blog about building an intranet with Microsoft Teams (only in Finnish then). Since then Teams, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 ecosystem have evolved in really daunting pace, so I though to wrap up my thoughts about relationship between intranet and Teams, and also challenge my own thoughts from... Continue Reading →

Customize once, benefit on both Teams and SharePoint

The latest version of SharePoint Framework (1.7) brought up a greatly anticipated feature to use a solution made with SharePoint Framework on a tab on Microsoft Teams channel. Also solution created on Microsoft Teams tabs can be displayed as webparts on SharePoint pages. What does this mean? Double the benefit: Same solution can be utilized... Continue Reading →

Forget the historical – modern SharePoint is good enough

It's autumn again and now a week from Microsoft Ignite. Conference contained lots of information, announcements, demos and most of all lots of technical content, including keynote themes like Azure, Dynamics 365, new Power Platform and Microsoft 365. Over 1300 individual sessions in total. SharePoint was also strongly involved and modern SharePoint sites are still rapidly evolving.... Continue Reading →

Enabling Teams features with PowerShell

There are some Microsoft Teams features which cannot be configured or clearly seen on Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center, so here are some PowerShell scripts to manage and activate Teams features like Enable Message Translation Manage Teams-only mode Manage live event policies Prerequisites Skype for Business Online Connector module is required for... Continue Reading →

Manage SharePoint communication site megamenu with CSOM and PowerShell

You may have already noticed that site navigation style have changed on newly created SharePoint Online communication sites. Experience is currently different on sites created earlier. Here is a quick-n-dirty PowerShell script to change experience back to old style navigation on newly created communication sites. [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.SharePoint.Client") | Out-Null [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime") | Out-Null $webUrl = "<site url>"... Continue Reading →

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