Archiving is a good way to clean-up unused teams from end-users, but still keep conversations and content. When team is archived, it’s also removed from Your teams and Hidden teams lists. Archived team is still accessible with search and via Manage teams -view, but sometimes you might want to access it quickly and have it temporarily in Your teams -list. There is couple of easy ways to get it there.

Method 1: Use search

Find your teams with search.

When team is picked from search results, it will display General channel by default. Click team’s name, after that open the menu from three dots and click Show.

Team will be added to Your teams with an archived icon.

Method 2: Use Manage Teams

Another way is to use Manage teams view, which can be opened from the bottom of the teams list.

Manage teams displays active and archived teams. Just find the team, click Favorite icon and team will be available on Your teams list.


Archived team is now available on Your teams list and you can access the content and conversations easily. When you don’t need the team anymore, just click three dots after team name, select Hide and teams will be removed from your team lists.