Microsoft Planner integration to Microsoft To-Do rolled out for testing on the end on April (2019). Now you can manage all of your tasks in Office 365 from one user interface and one application. In practice, integration has been carried out on a smart list, such as flagged e-mails, which means that data is not actually in Outlook’s tasks, but is retrieved and updated directly from/to the Planner.

What can I do with integration at this point?

Browsing tasks

Browsing tasks

The tasks from the Planner can be browsed in the Assigned to Me smart list. Currently, the list shows the tasks in the order in which they were created and the order cannot be edited. The task is displayed with its title, the number of subtasks, the Planner plan, the set due date, and the icon for the task description. You can view the task in more detail, or complete it directly from the list.

Task view and task editing

The task view displays detailed information about the task and allows you to edit the task. The view allows you to edit

  • Task’s title
  • Add, remove, edit ja complete sub tasks
  • Modify task’s description
  • Modify task’s due date

Changes to the Planner are updated almost real-time. In addition, the view can open the task directly to the Planner and add the task to To-Do’s My Day view.

Planner tasks on To-Do lists

Planner tasks can be added to My Day view and tasks are also visible on Planned view, if task due date is set. Currently Planner tasks cannot be added to personal lists.

How to activate?

On Android mobile, notification above will appear to active Assigned to Me smart list.

On Windows app, notification above will appear to activate Assigned to Me smart list.